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Persimmon Chili Jam

A sweet and spicy jam to warm you up this winter!


1 jar

Prep Time:

15 min.

Chill for:

4 hours

Good For:



Persimmon Chili Dip

A while back I wrote about the health benefits of persimmon, the ubiquitous fruit found everywhere in autumn in Japan. Persimmons naturally contain pectin which can be used to make jellies and as a thickening agent. After receiving one too many persimmons from neighbors and friends resulting in overripe fruit, I decided to make a delicious, warming jam! 

For this recipe, I used overripe persimmons and cherry chilis, cute button-shaped chilis that I was growing in my veggie patch. Cherry chilis are not very spicy especially once you heat them up but still have a small kick. You can use other mild forms of chili as well. 

persimmon chili jam eat with meraki


    • Overripe persimmons, 3
    • Cherry chilis or fresh chilis of your choice, a handful (more if you can handle it!)
    • Olive oil, a dash
    • Salt, a dash
    • Apple cider vinegar, a dash

      Chop up your persimmons and remove stems from chili peppers, then stir over medium heat with a dash of olive oil. 

      When your peppers have softened (your persimmons should already be soft from the beginning if they’re overripe), remove from heat and transfer to a food processor.

      Blend until smooth.

      Add salt and apple cider vinegar, tasting as you go (this is a very laidback recipe!). 

      Refrigerate for at least four hours until chilled, then serve with cheese and crackers!

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