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Mushrooms in Japan

Autumn is mushroom foraging season in Japan – even if you live in the city, you’ll notice supermarkets stocking up on the season’s mushroom harvest. Here are some recipes on how to navigate the varied world of Japan’s mushrooms! 


Mushrooms in Japan

Autumn is a perfect time to go mushroom foraging – I went for the first time last week for work and it was a lot of fun but also more challenging than I expected! We didn’t find that many unfortunately, but I LOVE mushrooms (flavors, textures…so funky!) so I bought a bunch from the local market and now we have a Wild Mushroom Bouquet!

Maitake (hen-of-the-wood), shiitake and nameko are some of the more common mushrooms you’ll find in Japan. The earthy maitake has an earthy aroma and is rich in vitamin D. Shiitake is not only healthy, but adds umami to any dish you’re making. It goes exceptionally well with white wine and olive oil!

The slimy nameko is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine especially in autumn. These nutrient-rich mushrooms contain vitamin D and anti-inflammatory properties, boost immunity, reduce cholesterol and help everything from cancer support to diabetes to bone health.

Mushrooms in Japan Meraki

Recipes using Mushrooms

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Hearty Pumpkin Soup

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Gluten-free Mushroom Pizza

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Mushroom Risotto

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Gluten-Free Mushroom Quiche